30 July 2011

Time Changes Things

The past five days have been a bit of a blur my small dose of the flu turned into pneumonia giving me far too much time to think about the present and the past!

When I was younger I had such a carefree attitude towards my life not a great deal ever really worried me. I believed I could do whatever I wanted almost fearless or so I thought. A bit of an unconventional thinker, looking out for all that life could bestow on me. Not sure what I was looking for back then, just out to enjoy myself like most other girls my age basking in the freedom of being independent. Then one day I met the man that completely took my breath away and stole my heart forever and the rest as they say…….is our history.

As a small child we use to move around a great deal, I think this may have been the reason why I had a tendency also to be happy to move state or towns throughout my 20’s and 30’s I always looked forward to what that new place could bring me…..or maybe a little gypsy lived inside me.
How different life becomes when you grow older and have a family and responsibilities it changes our lives forever we no longer think or put of ourselves first. It wasn’t until my children started school that I had to change my ways, even so, I’d often find myself thinking how exciting it would be to move somewhere new again. However back then I had the luxury of taking them with me. Now grown adults with little ones of their own any thought of separation and not seeing them nearly every day just never enters my mind.
 I think that little gypsy inside me has long flown away!

My family have such an impact on my emotional state of mind in the most beautiful amazing way without them even realizing it. Having them around me these past couple of days trying to make me feel better through laughter get well letters and homemade gifts from my five precious grandchildren…….even number four developing her own special cough to go with mine LOL….I might have to retrieve my last post… hence me been, “home alone” without any of the things I needed.
 They once again reminded me that whatever else is going on in my life, when I’m around them everything else seems insignificant….Even Pneumonia!!!

Always Love In Wendy’s World
  Ps Thank you Friends for taking the time to leave your comments… I Love reading them xoxo

27 July 2011


Sniff .......Wipe.......Cough......Headache.....Oh so hot....I do believe they call it the flu!!!!

I have spent the past two days in bed feeling just a little sorry for myself......you see there was no bell for me to ring...........for someone (nurse hubby anyone out there) that could fetch me some water yummy soup cup a tea.........all the things I wanted needed yearned for!!!!!! No I was “Home Alone”

At any other time I would dream of staying in bed, reading writing sleeping, breakfast tray with juice pancakes coffee morning paper arr the bliss.......the dream. So why is that?? How come we don’t just do it!! Why does it take us to become sick before we give ourselves a break?

Therefore today I have decided I will endeavour to make more of an effort to do the things that I desire more often.......hence writing this post in bed with a lovely cuppa tea........ Because I Can! 

Always Love In Wendy’s World

Ps Thank you Friends for taking the time to leave your comments… I Love reading them xoxo

24 July 2011

Reaching Out

 The reality of life sometimes is neither kind nor fair, while we may be enjoying a picnic on the beach with our families......others maybe suffering with the loss of a loved one or some other form of grief in their world.
With the tragic stories coming from Norway we can only imagine the heartache that has affected so many families, friends even whole communities, this will have an everlasting impact on those involved. Although I personally may not be able to provide comfort to those in need, my thoughts and blessing are with them by heart.

Today I woke with the news of yet another loss of life.....that of the very young and talented musician Amy Winehouse. I was devastated to hear this news, I enjoyed her music very much she had an amazing voice. I must say I was somewhat disappointed with those that only spoke about her addictions choosing to reflect only on the negative. I choose to always remember her for the immense joy.......through music that she brought to my life. I hope others will remember that also and that today.......two parents mourn the loss of their child, something I pray I never experience.

I believe we are all given the opportunity before we speak to make a choice to rise above the need to judge someone, or to show compassion. We don’t live their life, we don’t know their inner sufferings, and even if we did, isn’t it more constructive to offer your support with kind words or encouraging advice....instead of passing your own judgments of them, onto others.

I respect the fact that we are all, self opinionated and have a right to have one...... just as this is mine.

I would also hope that if I needed support in difficult times, that you would offer me a soft hand and not a harsh one!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

Ps Thank you Friends for taking the time to leave your comments… I Love reading them xoxo