20 April 2012

The Magic of Life

So much to Celebrate

I’m so extremely happy to be here with you all again my friends.

My operations were successful and I’m incredibly grateful that my recovery although long and far more intense then I had ever imagined is going well.
I have so much to share with you and will begin by thanking each and every one of you for your magical prayers inspirational emails and lovely comments I received over these past months it is something I will never forget.

 So from my heart to yours thank you my friends so very much xoxo

During my recovery our Son Joel and his beautiful wife Abi blessed us with more celebrations giving birth to our 6th Grandchild a precious little Girl...... Isobella Joy.
 Who has enriched my life with love and happiness every day since!

Beautiful Bella

It’s incomparable how a new life at the perfect time can affect you, in some magical way watching this little one take her first breath felt like I had been reborn with more strength and courage to ensure I wouldn’t miss a day of her forever after.

The unique love between sisters is often hard to describe yet already I see this bond growing within big sister Annalucia I can only imagine the beautiful journey these girls will share together as sisters.  


So as you can see my friends it’s very special moments like these that I will always cherish and remember along with the support of my beautiful family who aided my recovery by filling it with love and laughter, encouraging me to stay strong on those tough days and ensuring I was never alone.

I’m so excited to visit you all and catch up, you hold a special spot in my heart and I have missed you all very much!

Always Love In Wendy’s World