31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

As time grows nearer to celebrate another new year and reflect on the year that was.

The very essence of 2011 taught me that every tomorrow is a gift.

I’m so grateful for life, having a heart full of love, for the beautiful memories I’ve shared with family and friends.

A New Year how lucky we Are!

I will celebrate and ensure I embrace every precious moment bestowed upon me in 2012 and share my good fortunes with those around me.
Be truly present, in every minute that I’m blessed to share with my children and grandchildren.
To continue to follow the map and destiny I’ve designed especially for me in life.

I will always remember that nothing else matters when I’m in the arms of the one that I love!


Wishing you the Happiest New Year Ever

I’m looking forward to sharing our New Year together
 My Friends

Always Love In Wendy’s World

24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

From Heart to Yours on this Christmas Day

Take a heap of child-like wonder
that opens up our eyes
to the unexpected gifts in life
each day a sweet surprise.

Mix in fond appreciation
for the people whom we know
like festive Christmas candles
each one has a special glow

Add some giggles and some laughter
and a dash of Christmas food
Now wash it down with a little drink or two

Wrap it up with love and kindness
And what I’ve got for Christmas
Are beautiful friends like you

 Thank you with all my heart for each and every lovely comment and email

 Especially for your wonderful support and comfort, you have all expressed for the loss of my beautiful Sister through cancer

I will always be forever grateful .

My days are so blessed because you share them here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

21 December 2011

Counting Down the Days

Living in the Spirit of Christmas
Enjoying the beauty around me through love laughter and family as I count down the days to Christmas. The excitement of wrapping presents brings a smile to my face knowing how much the gifts I’ve especially chosen for them will warm their hearts with happiness.


How are you counting the days down my friends hope you share some of your Christmas spirit here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

19 December 2011

Mondays Memories

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

I love that you’re the first thing I every morning
I love that you kiss me goodnight
I love that you love me!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend my friends

Always Love In Wendy’s World

17 December 2011

It’s all About Santa

Dashing through the Snow...........His on his way!

Hello my beautiful friends well the countdown to Santa’s arrival is almost here, and I’m feeling the little butterflies in my belly already just can’t wait for Christmas day seeing my little ones eyes light up as they open their presents it really is a magical time!
Every year I make a special Santa video for my grandchildren and send it through their parents email so the children can watch it, they always get so excited listening to Santa speak about them and seeing the photo that he displays on the video. So today I thought I would share the two sites I use and how they work in case you would like to make one for your children.

So please click on the highlighted link under the Santa photo and watch the ones I have made, then download the site and make your own, your children will be amazed.



Truly I’m sure they would love to receive one of these, they are so easy to make and will only take you around 5 minutes. It really is worth seeing their little faces as they listen to Santa.

Can’t wait to see what he leaves under my Tree

Hope you enjoy the Santa videos my friends!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

14 December 2011

My White Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas in a magical place I long to visit where the very thought of it warms my heart and makes me forever smile!

Sharing some of my White Christmas with you

Is there a special place you long to visit my friends!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

12 December 2011

Mondays Memories

My weekend started with a visit from my wonderful brother and his beautiful wife we went out for dinner talked and reminisced about the good old days. Saturday while the boys played golf, my sister in law and I decided to do some serious damage at the shops, with still so many Christmas presents to buy I did extremely well with only 3 people left to buy for now.

Early Sunday morning we went market hopping from one end of the sunshine coast to the other. I haven’t been to the markets in a long time we really enjoyed walking around looking at all the talent that was on display. We finished off a great weekend with a lovely lunch at the Caloundra Markets listening to one of our local bands playing in the park.
Sunday night I finally made a start on my Christmas cards I love making my own photo cards for my precious family and friends, hopefully I will have them all finished tomorrow so the ones that need posting will arrive in time.

 Christmas Cards

Hope you share some of your weekend with me my friends!

Mondays Memories is linking up again with the wonderful Sonia from Life Love and hiccups.
Always Love In Wendy’s World

10 December 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

Some of my Christmas treasures

Do you have some special treasures from years gone by my friends, hope you share some with me this weekend!
Always Love In Wendy’s World

8 December 2011

DreamTime Photography Art

A whole lot of Sweetness

Hope you enjoy these my friends, looking forward to visiting and catching up with you all today!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

5 December 2011

Mondays Memories

Every year our street Elizamay Close has a street Christmas party we really love this tradition, when we first brought our property in May 2004 that November we received our first Christmas party invitation from house no 8 of Elizamay, home to Jerry & Carol since then our little street gathers together every year on the first weekend in December to celebrate Christmas with Elizamay and all that live in our little ‘Close”.
The tradition started when Frank who lives at the very bottom of Elizamay no 10 had the only property on the close then Pete & Mary built their home so of course Frank welcomed them and they would get together every year for a Christmas drink, then Jerry & Carol built their home 2 years later so Frank invited Jerry & Carol to join them and so the story continued each and every time someone new moved into Elizamay Close they would receive and invitation, there are now 10 homes and now our little Close is complete.

I remember when we first received our invitation our son was still living at home after Jerry had hand delivered ours to us. Joel asked what it was for so I told him our street is having a Christmas party, he said wow mum it’s just like the show neighbours on TV, so funny.

We all bring a plate and chairs make a donation of $10 towards the meat for the BBQ. There is an old tree in the middle of the road at the end of Elizamay that acts as a turnaround point and this is where we gather together. Over the years it has grown we have added beautiful Christmas light and decorations and of course Frank always dresses up like Santa.

We really enjoy embracing our time with everyone because apart from waving in the car as we pass each other on our daily business or on the odd time we see each other when we go to the letterbox to retrieve our mail we don’t really get to catch up on the year that was, except when we celebrate living in Elizamay Close at Christmas time.
Merry Christmas Elizamay!

How about you my friends, do you get together with your neighbours or decorate your home in lights hope you share some of your Christmas spirit with me!

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Always Love In Wendy’s World

4 December 2011


Abundance is been open to the possibility that what we desire can happen

Sharing some of mine with you!

Abundance is.......a beautiful sunny day

Abundance is.......making the day count

Abundance is........watching the sunrise

Abundance is................saying I love you

Abundance is.......listening to a bird sing

Abundance is......................twinkly lights

Abundance is............writing in the sand

Abundance is.........living in the moment

Abundance is..........saying good morning

Abundance is....making plans for summer

Abundance is......................a field of daisies

Abundance is..........laughing with a friend

Abundance is....................a thank you note

Abundance is..................listening to music

Abundance is..................counting the stars

Abundance is.................encouraging words

Abundance is.............having a warm hand to hold

Abundance is.............cuddles from the one you love

Hope you share some of your abundance with me my friends!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

1 December 2011

So Much is Happening

I am posting from one messy house my friends, I’m in the middle of painting  the outside of my home, having my bathroom renovated and trying to spring clean my home from one season to the other all at the same time. Who in their right mind would do this 3 weeks before Christmas..........ME,.... oh I hear you laughing.
So far the ceiling, posts and eaves all around the outside have been painted, joy to my ears...........however that only leaves me all the rest of the outside and veranda to finish. Meanwhile it is now raining so that has put a stop to the painting for today anyway though I welcome the cool breeze over the heat and the chance to attend to all the other chores I've brought upon myself.

I do love a really good spring clean and normally partake in three huge cleanouts a year especially from winter season to summer. As a result I have been unpacking my entire Christmas decor that we use during December and packing all the winter wares away. Yes you guessed it........I have made one big mess!  hence my absence from blogging much this week.

So I thought a little change of pace was needed to save my insanity. I decided to sit down in my favourite chair and show you some lovely things around my world.

Sharing some lovely things with you

You can see more by clicking on My lovely Things at the top of my page, I hope to add many more lovely things again soon and share them with you.

I’m also looking forward to sharing a beautiful special Christmas post with you soon truly a magical moment.  

I have missed you all my friends and want to say a big thank you, for all your lovely comments and a big Wonderful  Warm Welcome to all my new friends.
I promise I will visit you soon while I enjoy a cuppa and a little rest from this............ “My Messy World” I've created here, and catch up with everyone I can’t wait to see what you have been up to.

Have you been busy too my friends or are you more organised and awaiting the arrival of Santa!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

28 November 2011

Mondays Memories

We have had some lovely days here in Wendys World the sun has has been shining all weekend. I just had to put my Christmas tree up early this year and she looks so Beautiful!!! the anticipation was too much for me anymore.  I’m like a little kid when it comes to Christmas already asking the LOML what his getting me........and I get the same answer every year “have you been good......Yes.......really good........Oh Yes.......then you’ll just have to wait and see what Santa brings you!!!
I spent a wonderful day shopping with my beautiful daughter in Brisbane last week yet, I still have so much more to buy and can’t wait to venture out again this Thursday I love Christmas shopping. Did I tell you how much I Looooove Christmas.

On Saturday we spent most of our time laying around and swimming at the beach with the little ones, our youngest makes me laugh every time a wave would come rolling in she would start running up the sand saying..........Nar Nar you didn’t get me, just too beautiful. We had a delicious chicken and salad lunch provided by my sweetest daughter in-law we are so lucky to have her in our family just love her too bits.
Sunday the LOML and I enjoyed our breakfast on the veranda as we do every Sunday morning reading the paper and catching up. We had a little visitor join us this time a delightful little Kookaburra that certainly had a lot to say, I love listening to them we are incredibly spoilt  where we live and it is something we never take for granted.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend my friends and share some of your special moments here with me.

Mondays Memories is linking up with the lovely Soina today from Life Love and Hiccups.

Always Love In Wendy’s World


26 November 2011

I’m Excited

I have recieved a Versatile Bloggers Award from my beautiful friend  over at   Mama of 2 Boys and I just love it thank you so much. Now I have to tell you 5 things you may notice about me if you were to meet me in real life.

So here’s what I think!

 1.     You would see a woman with a camera in her face, I never go anywhere without my camera my love of photography and not missing a precious moment is what I’m all about.
2.    I will be wearing a dress most of the time, I love dresses the little girl in me lives forever, long short or in between I simply couldn’t have too many.

3.    My nails most people ask me where I have them done, and are amazed when I tell them they are real.....all my own and they will often have a closer look.  I’m lucky to have strong nails that grow fast.

4.    I call all female friends “Woman” in a conversation all the time such as...... hello woman.....so what have you been up too woman.......a habit that has never left me! Though I do love what we as women represent.

5.    Ok leaving the worst thing you’ll know about me till last...............I’m extremely slow at making decisions about everything in life seriously, even the simple things, like what to eat when we go out for dinner the LOML will always say to the waiter..........no rush we will be awhile yet, or sometimes he will often pick up a menu days before we go out Mmm.....how bad is that!  I love shopping but it can be a nightmare deciding which one I want.........do I have that in white pink or maybe blue, hence the reason I hardly even shop alone I always try and take someone with me to help me decide.

Now the fun part of the game to pass it onto 5 other beautiful blogger friends.......Just let me say can you imagine how hard this was deciding who to pass it onto......yep another enormously gruelling decision I had to make! It would have been easier for me to give the award to everyone of you my friends.
So there you have it a few things you may notice about me should we meet.

Always Love In Wendy’s World

21 November 2011

Mondays Memories

I have a tendency to keep as busy as possible when I’m under stress or have a lot on my mind, sometimes I completely go over the top with obsessive cleaning....... like all day, or taking on other tasks such as painting whatever it is, I normally can’t stop until I have cleared my head.
So early last week all I did was clean and rearranged my lovely things around my home and then today I decided to paint the outside of my home...........I know what have I started and just before Christmas!

One thing I will remember, next time I have the crazy idea of moving everything around, is reminding the LOML several times before going to bed.
 The poor thing forgot and during the night he went to get a glass of water and fell over the trunk I had placed in the hallway. He not only has a very badly bruised leg but also a rather large lump from falling into the wall. I felt so sorry for him limping around today, so I moved the trunk back into our bedroom, let’s hope he remembers where it is tonight.

I have a big day planned for tomorrow I’m off to shop till I drop it’s time to ensure I find all the presents on Santa’s list for my little ones. Also the LOML has a birthday one week before Christmas usually I hold back with some presents as I like to give him most of them for Christmas.  Not this year I’ve decided to spoil him rotten, and believe me, he so deservers it I’m thinking of maybe a lovely watch and some Calvin Klein Obsession. So with my best dress and shoes ready to go, I will set out early for Brisbane with my beautiful daughter!
So tell me my friends have you finished your Christmas shopping!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

20 November 2011

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday my lovely friends, last Thursday the LOML decided we should take off for a few days together, a little rest and relaxation, he said, was just what we needed I’m so glad we did. I have come home feeling much stronger and ready to fill my days with happy memories and prepare for the most beautiful time of the year Christmas. Tomorrow I’ve decided to put up our Christmas tree early. We normally don’t decorate it until the first of December however I want to begin all the excitement now with only 34 days to go I don’t want to miss a thing.  

 I love everything about Christmas and even enjoy shopping when all the Centres are full of hundreds of people it just adds to the hype for me. Christmas with family and friends preparing our beautiful table to ensure we eat and drink too much the laughter and stories it brings, and especially watching the children and grandchildren opening their presents it’s all just a magical time.

Opening my blog tonight and seeing all your lovely comments for my beautiful Sisters tribute made my heart so full with gratitude for your support and friendship thank you all so very much. I’m always so happy to see you visit and leave me a little note, I really am very lucky to find such wonderful friends.

What about you my friends are you ready for Christmas!
Always Love In Wendy’s World

15 November 2011

In Memory of My Beautiful Sister

My sister was the most courageous woman I have ever known. Her resilience throughout her life is something I will always remember and aspire to achieve.
I will smile when I think of you Sis, and remember the sound of your laugh
I will fill in the spaces when someone asks about you,
and tell them from my heart who you really are
I will speak your name with pride, as if you were here by my side
I will take all that you have taught me, and promise to pass it on
I will continue to take you with me we will never be apart.

I will cry sometimes too when my heartaches for you

I will remember every moment we shared between us Sis;
they are engraved in my heart
I will wake up with the thought of you, and take you in my dreams
I will be forever grateful for the sister you have been.

I will miss our time together and I cherish everyone
I will never be the same sis without you here with me,
you filled my heart with so much love;

I can’t help but feel the pain of not seeing you again

So sis remember when I told you I’ll try to be strong
 well I’ve tried very hard to do what you asked,
but I must be really honest sis, it’s ripped at my heart.
It’s time to say I love you sis we will never be apart you're
right here with me always and forever in my heart
So just before I go sis I’ll play you a little song, one that you’ll remember
so I know you’ll sing along.
A year ago today

I hope you enjoy my video tribute my friends for my Sister with love
Always Love In Wendy’s World

13 November 2011

Happy Birthday Son

On this November day in 1984 our Son Joel was born at 10.50am six weeks early born so fragile and not knowing how to breathe he finally made it through with our love and strength and a wonderful medical staff.  A little miracle to begin with after some pregnancy scares, he grew stronger every day. Today he turns 27 years old and is over 6ft 5inch tall it seems strange looking back on photos of this little premature baby boy.

So blessed to have such a loving son who always thinks of others first, his sharp witty personality makes me laugh everyday (takes after his father) I call him my quiet achiever. Joel has followed his dad in Swim coaching after a remarkable swimming career winning medals at State Country and National level, qualifying for both the commonwealth and Olympic trials.
Joel gives a great deal of his time teaching underprivileged children for free he once raised over $15, ooo for a skate park for a community where children only had the streets to play in. His swimming career funding has always been donated back to children or clubs knowing they will enjoy life so much more playing on their skateboards, instead of hanging around the streets.
In the year 2000 special Medals were awarded from the Queen by the then Prime Minister John Howard. Joel was awarded a medal at Government House for his work and contribution to children of small community towns and for his outstanding swimming achievements, we have always been so very proud of him.

Now a grown adult I enjoy watching him excel at his biggest achievement thus far fatherhood, it’s so extremely special watching your own son feel the incredible love for his child, as we felt for him, when he was little and still do.

We love you more with each new day!

Always Love In Wendy’s World