8 September 2011

In The Garden

Yesterday I decided it was time to do some pruning in the garden we live on just under an acre surrounded by trees and mostly natives on our property we are lucky that it doesn’t take a great deal to keep it looking beautiful with gloves and boots on into the garden I venture.
After about an hour, along came our postman so I thought I would walk up and retrieve the mail. Then there it was one very long Python crossing our driveway, in our six years here this is the first snake I have come across! I decided to go and get my camera to take a few photos. By the time I came back it was making its way towards a small tree....after showing my family the photos, with most comments being OMG how brave you were to stay there and take them........I had to come clean and admit I had my mega zoom lens on........and believe me I felt very nervous every time it moved!! I had a rest from the gardening today......just to give it a little bit of time to find its way back to its real home!!!!! I hope!

What’s the worst thing you have found in the garden, please share it here!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

5 September 2011

Mondays Memories

A Fair to Remember
Saturday was a beautiful day spent with the little ones at their fair we enjoyed watching our two eldest grandchildren perform their Hip Hop dance with their class. Then it was time for fun rides on the slippery slide, Char Char, dodgem cars, large ferries wheel just to mention a few.
We had fairy floss, hot dogs, soft drink, ice cream, hot chips, steak sandwiches, donuts; it seems everyone wanted to eat something different that day, as they do.  Of course we had to have some souvenirs to take home the boys wanted light sabres, number 1 grand daughter chose a fairy doll while number 2 princess decided on a pink teddy.  We really loved watching them having so much fun and listening to the excitement in their voices as they tried to explain how each ride felt on the way home in the car.
Sunday Fathers Day started off with bacon & eggs for breakfast with the LOML.  Then it was off to the beach with our two children and five grandchildren. This was also the first father’s day celebration for my son which made it that little extra special. We played cricket......and I might add the girls won yippee!
Magic box was filled with balloons, bubbles, and water pistols this time, just for a little extra fun. We had a lovely BBQ lunch snags, potato and noodle salad with some fresh bread rolls.....just delicious. I also couldn’t resist packing some chocolate muffins in the picnic basket. It was very relaxing though my favourite part was watching our children, enjoying precious time with their children, a feeling that’s hard to describe!
Hope you share how you spent your father’s day with me.
Always Love In Wendy’s World