26 November 2011

I’m Excited

I have recieved a Versatile Bloggers Award from my beautiful friend  over at   Mama of 2 Boys and I just love it thank you so much. Now I have to tell you 5 things you may notice about me if you were to meet me in real life.

So here’s what I think!

 1.     You would see a woman with a camera in her face, I never go anywhere without my camera my love of photography and not missing a precious moment is what I’m all about.
2.    I will be wearing a dress most of the time, I love dresses the little girl in me lives forever, long short or in between I simply couldn’t have too many.

3.    My nails most people ask me where I have them done, and are amazed when I tell them they are real.....all my own and they will often have a closer look.  I’m lucky to have strong nails that grow fast.

4.    I call all female friends “Woman” in a conversation all the time such as...... hello woman.....so what have you been up too woman.......a habit that has never left me! Though I do love what we as women represent.

5.    Ok leaving the worst thing you’ll know about me till last...............I’m extremely slow at making decisions about everything in life seriously, even the simple things, like what to eat when we go out for dinner the LOML will always say to the waiter..........no rush we will be awhile yet, or sometimes he will often pick up a menu days before we go out Mmm.....how bad is that!  I love shopping but it can be a nightmare deciding which one I want.........do I have that in white pink or maybe blue, hence the reason I hardly even shop alone I always try and take someone with me to help me decide.

Now the fun part of the game to pass it onto 5 other beautiful blogger friends.......Just let me say can you imagine how hard this was deciding who to pass it onto......yep another enormously gruelling decision I had to make! It would have been easier for me to give the award to everyone of you my friends.
So there you have it a few things you may notice about me should we meet.

Always Love In Wendy’s World

21 November 2011

Mondays Memories

I have a tendency to keep as busy as possible when I’m under stress or have a lot on my mind, sometimes I completely go over the top with obsessive cleaning....... like all day, or taking on other tasks such as painting whatever it is, I normally can’t stop until I have cleared my head.
So early last week all I did was clean and rearranged my lovely things around my home and then today I decided to paint the outside of my home...........I know what have I started and just before Christmas!

One thing I will remember, next time I have the crazy idea of moving everything around, is reminding the LOML several times before going to bed.
 The poor thing forgot and during the night he went to get a glass of water and fell over the trunk I had placed in the hallway. He not only has a very badly bruised leg but also a rather large lump from falling into the wall. I felt so sorry for him limping around today, so I moved the trunk back into our bedroom, let’s hope he remembers where it is tonight.

I have a big day planned for tomorrow I’m off to shop till I drop it’s time to ensure I find all the presents on Santa’s list for my little ones. Also the LOML has a birthday one week before Christmas usually I hold back with some presents as I like to give him most of them for Christmas.  Not this year I’ve decided to spoil him rotten, and believe me, he so deservers it I’m thinking of maybe a lovely watch and some Calvin Klein Obsession. So with my best dress and shoes ready to go, I will set out early for Brisbane with my beautiful daughter!
So tell me my friends have you finished your Christmas shopping!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

20 November 2011

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday my lovely friends, last Thursday the LOML decided we should take off for a few days together, a little rest and relaxation, he said, was just what we needed I’m so glad we did. I have come home feeling much stronger and ready to fill my days with happy memories and prepare for the most beautiful time of the year Christmas. Tomorrow I’ve decided to put up our Christmas tree early. We normally don’t decorate it until the first of December however I want to begin all the excitement now with only 34 days to go I don’t want to miss a thing.  

 I love everything about Christmas and even enjoy shopping when all the Centres are full of hundreds of people it just adds to the hype for me. Christmas with family and friends preparing our beautiful table to ensure we eat and drink too much the laughter and stories it brings, and especially watching the children and grandchildren opening their presents it’s all just a magical time.

Opening my blog tonight and seeing all your lovely comments for my beautiful Sisters tribute made my heart so full with gratitude for your support and friendship thank you all so very much. I’m always so happy to see you visit and leave me a little note, I really am very lucky to find such wonderful friends.

What about you my friends are you ready for Christmas!
Always Love In Wendy’s World