26 August 2011

Bathroom Progress

I have made some progress my friends! Firstly thank you for all your suggestion and ideas I gained a lot from your comments and emails. My custom made vanity is now been built it should look amazing can’t wait to see it finished.

Steve the builder had such a happy face when he arrived today but the LOML thought he had not only aged somewhat before leaving that he also looked like he had lost some hair from scratching his head so much! I thought he was very kind and understanding, however he did give me more homework to do.........floor and wall tiles, bath, shower and size must be chosen and ordered ASAP...Oh dear!! A decision on adding built in shelves to the wall must be made by Monday.

Anyway I have decided to worry about all that later, as I’m so busy still looking at all the lovely bathrooms out there!! After all I did make a decision on having the vanity custom built.

 Some beautiful things I found yesterday.

Tell me my friends should I have built in shelves like in the top left photo??

Always Love In Wendy’s World

23 August 2011

Decisions Decisions

It’s time to make some very hard but necessary decisions, in three weeks I’m renovating my bathroom everything will need to be removed even the floor.  
For the past month I have been to every tile and bathroom centre on the coast visited three bathroom specialist in Brisbane brought twenty yes twenty magazines on bathrooms and still I can’t decide!!!!

On Friday I have a meeting with our builder who would like to know what I have decided, such as layout for the shower bath and vanity. Woops need I say I must have some answers for this poor man.
I know I want a freestanding bath however where to place it? I’m waiting for a quote on a custom made vanity (depending on quote) colour for tiles is a tossup between blue/gray or black & white or just white.

Bits and pieces of my new bathroom

So you see I’m in a panic and need your help!! On all things bathrooms tips advice past experiences you may have encountered.

Always Love In Wendy’s World

22 August 2011

Mondays Memories

I have been so busy these past few days in the most wonderful way!
Friday was an exceptional day every year my grandchildren’s school celebrates Grandparents Day I practically love this day. It gives the children an opportunity to share with us all the work they have achieved throughout the year. We have morning tea with other grandparents and teachers afterwards (the scones are to die for). I believe the children also display a sense of pride in introducing us to their teachers and friends, I just love the feeling that they want everyone to know who we are, it’s really a magical day spent with all three little ones!

Saturday was just as special, the LOML and I have been trying it organize a lunch together for weeks now and finally it happened. We decided to take a trip up to Montville a little town we both adore visiting. We normally have lunch at one of the charming little cafes and on the way home stop at the beautiful lookout, the view is so serene it’s like you’re on top of the world. This time we decided to take a picnic and have lunch there, it was perfect we had it all to ourselves soaking up the sun good food and time together.

Sunday morning waking hearing the rain on our tin roof is always a lovely sound knowing you can just roll over and cuddle the one you love for as long as your heart desires is a beautiful start to any day!
How did you spend your weekend hope you share some of it here with me.  

Always Love In Wendy’s World