22 October 2011

A Book of Love

My book for Choni and little handmade presents with   Love.......
Chontele’s book, Wishes for a beautiful daughter, Pink roses, Words inside cover

Favourite things = earrings inside, Chontele 6 months, C is for Chontele, Rose filled with lavender

I hope you are having a weekend full of loveliness my friends!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

20 October 2011

Moments In Time

Happy Birthday Chontele
On a beautiful Monday the 19th of October at 2.45pm the story of you embraced my heart. I will never forget that moment in time, there you were in my arms, a face sweeter than sugar skin so delicate and soft your little eyes sparkling up at me, I touched your hand and promised.....I’d love you for eternity!!!

Well my friends yesterday we celebrated our beautiful daughters 30th birthday  it was a truly magical day. All she wanted was a day off relaxing and we gave her just that. My lovely daughter in-law and I decided  a few weeks ago we could all do with a little pampering , so we surprised her with a day out at the Twin Waters Resort for lunch and ended with a lovely Lagoon Day Spa.
Our day spa started with  having our bodies massaged ............this was blissful, our feet said “oh thank you to whoever invented  pedicures we then had a facial that made our skin glow, afterwards we indulged in a fruit and cheese platter washing it down with a little champagne. We laughed and talked about Choni’s growing up years.
A little story Choni remembered was........When she was around 13 years of age she went through a stage of slamming her bedroom door which drove her father crazy. One day he said, please don’t slam your door anymore or I will take it off......Mmm of cause she did....so out with the tools and off that bedroom door came, I remember her running up stairs to me in total shock, saying Mum you have to do something....Dad is taking my door off! I said well sweetheart he did warn you. The door stayed off for 4 days, after much begging and promises of........to never slam her door again, the door went back on, whenever that door.........would accidently slam again she would yell out sorry it was the wind........that door never got slammed again!
My memories of her are endless and precious, still the one I’ll always cherish is that first day she came into my life!  No matter what her age.........she will always be Daddy's little Girl! And our only daughter and through the years my closest friend.

"We love you sweetheart with every beat of our heart"

How about you my friends have you ever been to a day spa!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

18 October 2011

Just For You My Friends

“Sweetest Friends”...........That’s what you are, thank you so very much from deep inside my heart for all your beautiful comments, notes and emails. I felt every hug you sent me, I want to express how incredibly blessed and grateful I am for your support. I’m so glad I found such precious friends.
Thank you again for helping make my days a little easier, knowing you are all here warms my heart xoxoxoxoxo
Always Love In Wendy’s World

16 October 2011

A little sad today

Sorry I have been a little quiet these past few days my friends, I have spent a couple of days with a very close friend who I met around 36 years ago she was my bridesmaid and I’m godmother to her son we are always there for each other.

On Friday her father passed away I have very loving memories of him over the years. My heartaches for her loss she was extremely close to her Dad and I feel her pain so very much. These past few days we have cried together and reminisced about happy memories of time spent on holidays with her family. My friend has been such an inspiration for me during some tragedies of my own, leaving her was very emotional for me I just wanted to hold onto her and yet I knew I couldn’t, that no matter how heartbroken we are we need time to ourselves.

Yet coming home unleashed some very raw feelings that I know have been building up inside of me. I felt crushed and broke down unable to pull myself together like I normally do, past memories started flooding back and no matter how hard I tried  I couldn’t stop the tears.

Eleven months ago I lost my beautiful sister to cancer something I know I will never recover from. Each day I struggle with not seeing or touching her again, I miss spending time with her and sharing all life’s events we planned for the future, laughing and talking about our children and grandchildren going for lunch shopping together, I miss everything about her. My sister was the bravest person I have ever known not once did she ever complain through this painful hideous disease that ripped her life from under her. Even towards the end as frail as she became her beautiful face would smile at me, touch my hand and say “it’s ok everything will be alright”.

Although I knew our time together would be limited I prayed and hoped for a little miracle that somehow someone would make her well again.  There will always be a piece of my heart that only belongs to her, I’m grateful I had the time to tell her what an honour it has been to love and share my life with her. We laid my sister to rest with our Mother I have a very strong belief that they are now together, I know I will always miss them both so very much.

My family have been my strength these past months and I know in my heart I could not have come so far without their love and understanding. I guess I have to accept that some days, for whatever the reason or for no reason at all, It will be hard to cope with the loss of my Mother and sister, than others days, I think today has been one of those days.

I’m thankful for all of you here too my friends for helping me, through your lovely visits and comments. When I open my blog and see you here with me it always makes me smile, I love being a little part of your world and want you to know how much I appreciate your time and friendship.  

From my heart to yours, thanks for letting me share today with you!

Always Love In Wendy’s World