2 September 2011

Sunshine Lolly Pops

Spring is in the air the sun is warming up with daylight lasting longer.....got to love that. I’m so looking forward to this weekend our grandchildren have their school fair on this Saturday so fairy floss rides and a whole lot of fun is music to my ears!

Top it off with Fathers day this Sunday and a picnic with my children and five grandchildren just warms up my heart endlessly. It’s always such a wonderful feeling when you have special events to look forward to.

I  have already started to think about what I will wear and plan all the surprises to put into the magic box that’s what I call the little wooden box I always take on picnics for the little ones. I’m thinking of some bubbles, beach ball, cricket set and of course the yummy food for the picnic basket. There is nothing that surpasses spending quality time with family listening to the sounds of laughter enjoying good food and relaxing with the ones you love!

How about you what are your plans for Father’s day I would love you to share them with me.

Always Love In Wendy’s World

31 August 2011

Looking Good

loving my new look blog I have been trying to update my blog page for weeks now not knowing what look I really wanted just an idea in the back of my mind. It had to have love hearts and something beautiful that would fit into Wendy’s World!!

After searching the web collecting pictures deciding on colours and fonts and trying to do it alone.....much stress panic and nearly deleting my whole blog I knew I needed “HELP” and there she was!!

My dear friend Melissa from Suger Coat It.....though now I call her Genius Woman.... because she did it all......How you ask well that’s her secret!  nothing I asked of her was too hard and believe me Mel knows her stuff buttons not a problem, new sidebars too easy, new background template no worries, would you also like me to put it altogether for you sure can and here is the end result....Just perfect! Thanks to Melissa xoxo

So my friends if you’re looking for a new look or a revamp like me or any blog issues believe me Melissa is all you need or simply want a great new blogging friend you can find her here www.sugercoatit.com

What do you think about my new look......share it here with me

Always Love In Wendy’s World

29 August 2011

Mondays Memories

On Saturday I had such a lazy morning it was raining so I decided to give myself breakfast in bed, just because I could!  Looking over more magazines trying to make some decisions on the bathroom colours and to have shelves or not! The final decision is......... shelves it will be colour theme blue gray and white!

The afternoon was spent watching movies on the lounge and I must admit I found myself having a little nanny nap.....woken up with a little kiss and some red roses from the LOML......now I really did think I was dreaming, but they were for real both the kiss and the flowers..........I just felt so special to be married to such a loving man!
Sunday and the sun was shining four of our five beautiful grandchildren are coming to spend the day with us, so I’m the happiest GG (that’s what they call me short for gorgeous grandma) don’t you just love it!

Of course I fill their tummies with all their favourite foods, as GG’s do. We started with ice cream at 11am followed with fairy bread sandwiches and chocolate cake for lunch, lemonade and popcorn for afternoon tea.......Oh did I mention lollies and chips in between!  Our time together is also filled with fun actives, going to the beach or park and lots of love, kisses and laughter too.

Besides they receive all the nutritional food they need from their parents daily.  My physiology is to spoil the grandchildren as much as the parents will allow!!

How was your weekend? Hope you share yours here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World