5 November 2011

Happy Birthday Sis

Over the years I know I have told you how much I love you

Yet it never seems enough to describe how I really feel about you

So here’s a little gift of what I’d like to say on this day your birthday

 It is to remind you of how precious you are to me

That I admire who you are and for what you’ve achieved

To tell you that your loyalty has never gone unnoticed

 It’s a thankyou for every time we have shared a worry or a tear

For every time you have listened and taken the time to understand

It’s for the memories of our mother that I didn’t know

And the photos you kept from so long ago

 It’s to tell you I remember all my younger years
when you read to me, dressed played and looked after me,

For those times when you were more than a Sister need be

My gift to you Sis

Is I promise and assure you that all our memories are safe

I’ve placed them in my heart where they can never be erased

I promise to defend you, should the occasion ever rise

I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life

 Wish You Where Here I Miss You So Very Much

Happy Birthday Sis

Always Love In Wendy’s World

31 October 2011

Mondays Memories

Happy Halloween

I have had a lovely week my friends, the first part I spent finishing off some special photo frames to hang in the hallway that has been long overdue. My journal book had only 3 pages left so I needed to buy and cover a new one there are some beautiful ones at kikki.K and Typo but every so often I love to make and cover my own.
We had more Birthday celebrations this week our sweet little grandson, turned 7 years old, he is a gifted little boy who lives with Autism, he has an amazing smile that melts your heart and every day he teaches us something new. Our little man has progressed beyond belief, now in year 1 at school and although challenging he loves it, we are so very proud of him.   

The past few years we have combined his birthday with Halloween he enjoys dressing up with the family and going trick and treating around the neighbourhood. The funny thing is he like to do tricks for everyone instead of receiving the treats sometimes it’s magic or knock knock jokes, we have so much fun with him. So tonight being our annual Halloween party we dress up and wait for our usual little tricksters to come and visit us for an awesome scream of excitement and then we set off with our children and grandchildren for trick or treating around our local streets, I love these opportunities when you get to play like a child again.......let the fun begin!

I hope you had a fun Halloween did you get many little tricksters visit you