In My Own Words

My Journal Notes For You
We are the map our future follows
I give you my heart

Today is my future
I love waking up next to you
Life is any dream you want
Family is my life

We are never ending
Grandchildren are the precious gifts you receive
when your children's childhood grows up
You strengthen my soul

Create some time and space for just you
You are with me wherever I go
The depth of our love is infinity
I'm honoured you chose me to be your Mother
I'm overwhelmed by the sight of us
Magic is finding you, out of all the people in the world
I reach out and there you are
A smile cannot be brought nor sold, but it can brighten
up someone's day
The Story of us will live forever

That minute that just passed by you, never comes again
don't miss anymore

You are never alone, that gentle breeze you feel, is me
We are enough
What do you want most? Practise giving that
Together is a beautiful place to be
Embrace the world you live in

The promise of more makes my heart sing
I remember every moment with you
The footprints you see behind you are mine
I will protect you forever
The roots of a family tree begin with two hearts
I would go to the pit of hell for you

I feel you smile even in the dark
I love the way you love me
My heart beats with yours
I can resist everything except you
You are my dream everyday 
  You hold me with love in your eyes
I love the uniqueness of us
You are what makes my heart beat
Feeling your love completes me  
Home is where you are
When I’m in your arms nothing else matters
   One love One life One time