17 August 2011

The World At Her Feet

I had the most amazing time last night with my beautiful daughter and grandaughter at her ballet concert. Grandaughter number one has a love for dancing any kind of dancing jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, it truly doesn’t matter the name if it can be performed to music number one will dance her little heart out for you.
For almost a year now she has spent hours upon hours practising including late night rehearsals for this two hour show to be performed in front of hundreds of people over 3 nights.

I spoke to her minutes before going back stage and was about to say just remember your steps and you’ll be fine......before I could even utter a sound from my mouth.......she said.........wow look how many people came to watch me it’s going to be fantastic I’m so excited. “Well wash my mouth out” what pressure what nerves I thought!! ......Realizing then I guess it was me who was a little nervous for her.
I can’t really describe how watching this little 8 year old perform meant to me. Of course she looked gorgeous in her tutu ballet shoes with sparkles in her hair and I was extremely proud of her. I couldn’t stop thinking how this little one showed ability well above her age to be on stage in front of so many people remembering all her steps and poses she had the whole rhythmic dexterity happening (I must add taking two extra bows on her own blowing kisses to the crowd)........bless her, she made me cry and laugh!

 What I realized was how self confident our young ones are these days, it  just astounds me with their no fear attitude.
The concert was magical the best Swan Lake performed by 8 to 12 year olds I have ever seen......grandmothers are allowed to be biased!!!!!
Share how you feel when your children perform or compete do you get a little nervous like me?

Always Love In Wendy’s World

15 August 2011

Mondays Memories

Moments of pleasure is my beautiful grand daughter at the beach with balloons a book, butterflies and a bunch of flowers.

Share your moments of pleasure with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World