15 November 2011

In Memory of My Beautiful Sister

My sister was the most courageous woman I have ever known. Her resilience throughout her life is something I will always remember and aspire to achieve.
I will smile when I think of you Sis, and remember the sound of your laugh
I will fill in the spaces when someone asks about you,
and tell them from my heart who you really are
I will speak your name with pride, as if you were here by my side
I will take all that you have taught me, and promise to pass it on
I will continue to take you with me we will never be apart.

I will cry sometimes too when my heartaches for you

I will remember every moment we shared between us Sis;
they are engraved in my heart
I will wake up with the thought of you, and take you in my dreams
I will be forever grateful for the sister you have been.

I will miss our time together and I cherish everyone
I will never be the same sis without you here with me,
you filled my heart with so much love;

I can’t help but feel the pain of not seeing you again

So sis remember when I told you I’ll try to be strong
 well I’ve tried very hard to do what you asked,
but I must be really honest sis, it’s ripped at my heart.
It’s time to say I love you sis we will never be apart you're
right here with me always and forever in my heart
So just before I go sis I’ll play you a little song, one that you’ll remember
so I know you’ll sing along.
A year ago today

I hope you enjoy my video tribute my friends for my Sister with love
Always Love In Wendy’s World

13 November 2011

Happy Birthday Son

On this November day in 1984 our Son Joel was born at 10.50am six weeks early born so fragile and not knowing how to breathe he finally made it through with our love and strength and a wonderful medical staff.  A little miracle to begin with after some pregnancy scares, he grew stronger every day. Today he turns 27 years old and is over 6ft 5inch tall it seems strange looking back on photos of this little premature baby boy.

So blessed to have such a loving son who always thinks of others first, his sharp witty personality makes me laugh everyday (takes after his father) I call him my quiet achiever. Joel has followed his dad in Swim coaching after a remarkable swimming career winning medals at State Country and National level, qualifying for both the commonwealth and Olympic trials.
Joel gives a great deal of his time teaching underprivileged children for free he once raised over $15, ooo for a skate park for a community where children only had the streets to play in. His swimming career funding has always been donated back to children or clubs knowing they will enjoy life so much more playing on their skateboards, instead of hanging around the streets.
In the year 2000 special Medals were awarded from the Queen by the then Prime Minister John Howard. Joel was awarded a medal at Government House for his work and contribution to children of small community towns and for his outstanding swimming achievements, we have always been so very proud of him.

Now a grown adult I enjoy watching him excel at his biggest achievement thus far fatherhood, it’s so extremely special watching your own son feel the incredible love for his child, as we felt for him, when he was little and still do.

We love you more with each new day!

Always Love In Wendy’s World