23 July 2011


Abundance to me is to try and practice mindfulness in my daily life, letting go of expectations is a huge part of feeling truly free. An appreciation of abundance opens doors in our lives....and lets opportunity in.

To name just a few in no particular order!

 Abundance is.......having a family to love
Abundance is.......a door that opens to let you in
Abundance is.......having enough to share
Abundance is.......sunshine on your face
Abundance is.......the look of wonder in a child’s eyes
Abundance is.......my forever friend
Abundance is.......creating something out of the ordinary
Abundance is.......the smell of an ocean breeze
Abundance is.......a long sensuous kiss
Abundance is.......freshly washed cloths
Abundance is.......the scent of perfume
Abundance is.......a funny card
Abundance is.......children in a toy shop
Abundance is.......having a choice
Abundance is.......My dad
Abundance is.......being a shoulder for someone to cry on
Abundance is.......a mother cuddling her children
Abundance is.......a smile from anyone
Abundance is.......the memories in your heart
Abundance is.......the courage to try something new

No matter where you live.......Abundance is within you!

Always Love In Wendy's World

21 July 2011

In My Own Words

I have another sweet little book.... to be filled with thoughts that inspire me or that simply infuse my heart with hope.

My love for writing everyday is a gift I give to myself......I have learned through writing, that it’s your own view of yourself that matters the most!

Sometimes I write about doubts of yesterday or the promise that tomorrow may bring me... Other times it’s poetry or a mixture of words I put together, thoughts of mine or events of my day. I have a passion for journaling about the precious ones in my life.

Writing also gives me the opportunity to reflect upon my life one page at a time, although I have to admit I can quite effortlessly....... put pen to paper for hours.

I love the quietness of writing........ it provides me personal growth and always takes me to a place where I feel safe with an inner sense of abundance!!

Always Love In Wendy’s World

A Light of Hope Forever Burns

Kristie may the love of family and friends ease your pain in time....Tears all around the world are shared for you and little Avery.

A light will forever shine in our hearts each moment we think of you......You are never alone we carry you with us always xoxo

Always Love In Wendy’s World  

18 July 2011

Fabulously 50 One Week and One Day

Forever Friends

That’s What We Are;
I have been so blessed for over twenty years to have such an inspirational loving supportive friend, her name is Di, she is part of my sisterhood yet so much more, today I’m going to share a little bit of her.....
In Wendy’s World.....there will be tears!
My Forever Friend came into my life at a time when I needed her most, as if she had truly been sent from above....I still today believe she was. You see I had recently lost the most important person in my life....My Beautiful Mother....separated from my family of brothers and sister living in a new little country town I was lonely and heartbroken.....and there she was!

I remember her first words to me.....Hi my name is Di I’m Wades Mum....pointing to a little boy playing with my son at preschool. From that moment in time it was if she knew everything about me already....not possible I thought, yet she could sense how I was feeling every time we spoke....and would kindly offer words of encouragement and hope...without me confiding anything about myself......it was mystifying but intriguing and it’s still the same some twenty years later.  

For My Forever Friend: hand written in my heart!

Each time I see you or hear your voice I come away with something that enriches my heart.

For years you have given me faith more courage for the days before me, inspiring me to achieve

You are laughter to my ears, you give wisdom to my soul, you are unconditional in everyway

As the years have passed us, we still grow together, our memories are our tomorrows

There is something beautiful about us, we smile for each other, when you’re hurt we feel it as one

Although there is distance between us we stand together in friendship and in life

There’s a special freedom we share, yet we know each other’s inner thoughts......we are never apart

Our trust is our strength a connection for life, we are bound by the sisterhood of love

You are without question my saviour...................My Forever Friend in Life!

Always Love In Wendy's World!