21 July 2011

In My Own Words

I have another sweet little book.... to be filled with thoughts that inspire me or that simply infuse my heart with hope.

My love for writing everyday is a gift I give to myself......I have learned through writing, that it’s your own view of yourself that matters the most!

Sometimes I write about doubts of yesterday or the promise that tomorrow may bring me... Other times it’s poetry or a mixture of words I put together, thoughts of mine or events of my day. I have a passion for journaling about the precious ones in my life.

Writing also gives me the opportunity to reflect upon my life one page at a time, although I have to admit I can quite effortlessly....... put pen to paper for hours.

I love the quietness of writing........ it provides me personal growth and always takes me to a place where I feel safe with an inner sense of abundance!!

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Di Lovekin said...

Hey my LFF..by building a solid foundation you have created a reliable launching pad from which to take off...sooo very proud of you....love you heaps...xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Beautifully written have you ever thought of putting all your journaling and notes together and having them published into a book? If not you really should.
I hope you share more of your writing with us you are very talented.

Blessings Sue

Loretta said...

Enjoying your blog I love the little book. I agree with Sue you should consider placing them all into a book in the future.

Thanks for sharing with us I will look forward to reading a lot more.