31 August 2011

Looking Good

loving my new look blog I have been trying to update my blog page for weeks now not knowing what look I really wanted just an idea in the back of my mind. It had to have love hearts and something beautiful that would fit into Wendy’s World!!

After searching the web collecting pictures deciding on colours and fonts and trying to do it alone.....much stress panic and nearly deleting my whole blog I knew I needed “HELP” and there she was!!

My dear friend Melissa from Suger Coat It.....though now I call her Genius Woman.... because she did it all......How you ask well that’s her secret!  nothing I asked of her was too hard and believe me Mel knows her stuff buttons not a problem, new sidebars too easy, new background template no worries, would you also like me to put it altogether for you sure can and here is the end result....Just perfect! Thanks to Melissa xoxo

So my friends if you’re looking for a new look or a revamp like me or any blog issues believe me Melissa is all you need or simply want a great new blogging friend you can find her here www.sugercoatit.com

What do you think about my new look......share it here with me

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Anonymous said...

Wendy I love your new look...it is very you :)
I have been thinking about getting my blog done for a while now, think I'll pop over and visit Melissa.


Sue said...

Wow Wendy your new look blog is lovely more reasons to come and visit you now. I'm enjoying your Monday memories.

Blessings Sue

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Wendy, it's beautiful! I knew as soon as I clicked through to this post that something was different. Well done to Melissa and lucky you for having such a talented friend to assist you :o)
So nice getting a blog makeover! xo

YFF said...

Fantastic..love it..Your new look blog is you to a tee...

My Beautiful World said...

How did I miss this post!? Better late then never, right.

Thank you for your kinda words, as always, you give me too much credit. You had a clear idea of what you were after, ultimately. I just put it into real form. Thanks again for coming to me, I'm glad you did. And I'm so happy you love it!

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Haha. See that up there. The comment above. THAT was me. Sorry! Was still logged in to make changes to Wendy's blog.