29 August 2011

Mondays Memories

On Saturday I had such a lazy morning it was raining so I decided to give myself breakfast in bed, just because I could!  Looking over more magazines trying to make some decisions on the bathroom colours and to have shelves or not! The final decision is......... shelves it will be colour theme blue gray and white!

The afternoon was spent watching movies on the lounge and I must admit I found myself having a little nanny nap.....woken up with a little kiss and some red roses from the LOML......now I really did think I was dreaming, but they were for real both the kiss and the flowers..........I just felt so special to be married to such a loving man!
Sunday and the sun was shining four of our five beautiful grandchildren are coming to spend the day with us, so I’m the happiest GG (that’s what they call me short for gorgeous grandma) don’t you just love it!

Of course I fill their tummies with all their favourite foods, as GG’s do. We started with ice cream at 11am followed with fairy bread sandwiches and chocolate cake for lunch, lemonade and popcorn for afternoon tea.......Oh did I mention lollies and chips in between!  Our time together is also filled with fun actives, going to the beach or park and lots of love, kisses and laughter too.

Besides they receive all the nutritional food they need from their parents daily.  My physiology is to spoil the grandchildren as much as the parents will allow!!

How was your weekend? Hope you share yours here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World


YFF said...

Your weekend sounded absolutely awesome Wendy....keep spoiling those grandies just because you can..
Hubby and I spent the weekend in the garden..we started pruning a few bushes out the front and ended up with the chain saw...which left us with two bush roots which we thought we could dig out in about 10 mins or so......two hours later.. .. I ended up phoning my son to come around with his four wheel drive and winch attached on the front....ha..

Jo said...

I love reading your blog “Love in Wendy’s World. It makes me feel so happy inside. Love the nickname GG.Your grand children sound so adorable.What a lovely way to spend your weekend.
My weekend was spent with family and friends on a skiing trip to Thredbo. My body is so sore. Not from the skiing but from all the laughter we had.

Mama of 2 boys said...

You certainly are a GG, Wendy :o) It's the absolute beauty of grandparents, the unconditional love and spoiling they provide. My boys are OH so lucky to have a GG in my Mama... just as I was lucky enough to have a GG in my Mama's Mama.
Another lovely post Wendy. So pleased to hear the bathroom decisions are on the move. Shelves, blue gray and white, sounds ideal! :o) xo

Steph said...

Oh Wendy, what a loving husband you have. Red roses are my favourite.
My weekend starts tomorrow as I work, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sleep is on the agenda for me.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend and you sound like a wonderful GG (that is cute!).

I'm new to your blog. I just came over to admire Mel's beautiful work, but am staying, I love your blog already. <3 <3

Ben said...

Absolutely loving the look of your blog. Awesome.

Sue said...

Red roses lucky you my favourite flower. GG what a great name for you, grandchildren are the best gifts in the world.

I'm enjoying your Monday memories

Blessings Sue

m.e (Cathie) said...

you are such a cool grandma Wendy! kids always love staying at their grandmas because they know they get spoilt with sugary love & sugary sweets.

thanks so much for popping by, so sorry to read that, your grief is still very new .

i wish you strength and send you love and thank you for caring.

hugs to you GG ♥