15 July 2011

Fortunate And 40 + 10

A week ago today I turned 40 + 10 ......The fear behind turning this number had me seriously waking up with night sweats! O'.... I hear you....saying no Miss Wendy that's the BIG "M".....Word happening to you! Well no...it was definitely the Number! It seemed everywhere I went or read there it was in front of me.

Of course my children wanted to celebrate this turning point in my life...."Hello Why" so I knew there was no way out for me it was going to happen "Party for Mum"

So there had to be rules....there's always rules....that's the best part of being a Mama!

Rule 1. Keep it small
Rule 2. Just family & close friends
Rule 3. Be nice to me....those old time photos!
Agreed....Sure mum to easy...they said!!

What beautiful obeying children....must have done something right while raising them.

"The Party A 60's Fancy Dress Theme".... just perfect from the start...the invitation still laughing, the club was decked out decorated in bright hippie colours, the food was great, the birthday cake I can still taste... yummy, awesome music brought back memories, though the balloon's did have that number on them....(I forgave them).

Family and friend looked amazingly funny....just loved it.....My Shag for the night...yep that's what they called him...all I can say is "move over Austin Powers" never had so much fun in a long time!!!..... My dad came as a blonde surfer lad...his great grandchildren thought he was a woman LSL I cried!!!....... Special Treats...Seeing My Forever Friend Di all the way from Canberra.....spending time with the two most caring and lovable people I know from Sydney Lynne and Kristy!

A movie was made in honour of my 40 + 10 years and I must say brought tears to my eyes, looking back over all those years made me realize how much we, as a family had accomplished together, the traveling and places we had visited through their sport and holidays, the fun and laughter along the way...but most of all the close bond and love we share between us and now share with their children.... what a truly incredible journey I have had and how blessed I am to have them in my life.

I have had an exceptional week... I will always look back on this time with gratitude towards my beautiful children and Shag....for embracing this special time in my life... that they filled with so much laughter love and serene happiness..... so my friends that's the week that was!  I'm now "Officially Fabulously 50" and loving every moment!!!!

Always Love In Wendy's World

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Sara said...

Hi Wendy you have a lovely blog I will enjoy visiting. I know how you feel about turning 50 I turned the “Big 50” last year and like you, my family gave me a party!! Was sick for 3 days LOL not sure how I use to do it in my 20’s. What a great idea showing a DVD would have been very emotional for you I’m sure.
Love the 40 + 10 I might have to steal that next time someone asks me my age at least for the next 7 months anyway. Look forward to more lovely post from you.