1 August 2011

From Me to You

..........Friendship grows deep in the heart that cares!

A little thank you gift........ From my heart to Yours
I felt so special reading all your lovely comments and
get well wishes everyday............ I really enjoyed your visits

Thank you my Friend’s.



Anonymous said...

Oh you are just so sweet. We have a great bloggy community don't we?
Happy Tuesday Wendy :)

Eva said...

Love that I found your blog Wendy...Glad you feeling better.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I agree you always need a heart that cares.Thank you for Love in Wendy's World.

YFF said...

Just love the little thankyou gift pic...just bootiful...You know I am with you by heart always and forever Wen...Love is just a word until someone comes along and brings meaning to it..Love in Wendy's World does...xxx

Ben said...

So very sorry to read that you have not been well. I missed reading you blog last week cause I myself was not feeling well with a virus.Reading and seeing the cool picture on your blog just now has brightened me up..Thanks, Love in Wendy's World.

Anonymous said...

beautiful sweet blog wendy. it is lovely to meet you. thank you so much for popping by and saying hello.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for visiting me and commenting! great to find out about new bloggers. please come again soon :)

Naomi Hart said...

hi lady, sending you some of Q's energy to help you heal fast. thanks for dropping by, when i was sick with pneumonia as a little girl, my grandma used to put me under her big hat and sit me in the sun for a few hours each day to help me heal the old fashioned way...nice day to try it today perhaps...xx