27 September 2011

Mondays Memories

I have been so busy doing the things I love these past four days! My weekend started Friday with a lovely photo shoot that I will post a little later in the week. DreamTime Photography Art is soon to be launched on the web sooo excited! Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on my photos of the Teddy Bears Picnic I hope you will continue to give me some feedback as I will be posting my work every Friday......as Fridays Photos.

Saturday we had the beautiful five grandchildren and spent the day at Mooloolaba beach, the older three love riding the waves into the shore, while our smallest two enjoy getting their hands all mushy in the wet sand and crashing down Poppas Bears sand castles so funny!
Sunday we celebrated our second youngest granddaughters 3rd Birthday we brought her a microphone stand that plays music while she can sing along.......and sing and dance she did! Our little performer kept us entertained in laughter for hours. These children fill my heart with so much love.....I only have to think of them and my life feels so complete!   
 How did you spend your weekend hope you share it with me!  
Always Love In Wendy’s World


YFF said...

Wow Wen.. your wording always makes me feel that I am right beside you and the family.
I can feel the love just oozing out from the screen..What a wonderful weekend you had.
I am looking forward to seeing more of your Dream Time photography Art...Good luck with the launch....
My weekend was spent helping knocking down some plaster arches that I want squared up. My gorgeous grandkids came for a visit and by the time that they had left...it looked liked Casper the ghost had been everywhere in the house...little white plaster footsteps everywhere..
Ha...just loved it....

m.e (Cathie) said...

thank you lovely Wendy for the message!
I have been a bit sick last couple of weeks & struggling to get back into it.

hope all is well with you.
sending you hugs & really appreciate the love ♥

Ben said...

Mooloolaba beach brings back so many memories for me. I remember my father burying me up to the neck in sand. Then taking photos of me with my brother bending over me. The photo ended up looking like my brothers head had fallen off.
Looking forward to seeing more photography from you Wendy. Loved the Teddy Bears Picnic photography.

Ben said...

P.S. Best of luck with your Dream Time Photography Art launch Wendy.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Wendy, you're such a lovely grandmother. Your days spent with the children sound utterly perfect... just how time spent with grandparents should be :o)
I LOVE your photography and I'm most excited about your launch... I will be following along every step of the way :o) xo

Eva said...

Your weekend sounded very lovely Wendy. I remember getting a microphone stand and guitar for my birthday many moons ago.

Best of luck for your Dreamtime Photography launch.

Jess said...

It sounds like you had more fun than the children Wendy. I can’t wait till summer is here. At the moment it is cold, windy and raining.
Reading your blog has warmed me up.
Love all your photography. Best of luck for the launch.

special 'k' said...

You live in an amazing part of the world. Enjoying time with the grand children is our life's rewards. I have an obsession for photo's best of luck with that adventure. Cheers SpecialK

Catherine said...

It looks like a beautiful weekend Wendy, lots of happy faces and gorgeous sun. Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet little grand daughter. x