17 September 2011

Go Somewhere

We have been waiting for our dear friends Steve and Lynette to arrive they have been travelling around Australia for the past ten months. Steve was our groomsman at our wedding thirty years ago we use to live in the same town together and would see each other all the time. Since our move to QLD we haven’t seen them for nearly seven years so we were very excited that they were planning to spend time with us on their way back home.

 They are staying in Noosa for the next two weeks so the past three days (hence no posts from me!!) we have had so much fun showing them around the beautiful sunshine coast and hinterland, they have fallen in love with Mooloolaba’s lifestyle and beaches (who wouldn’t) when you’re an old time surfer! Though our day with them in Noosa was very special for us too, in fact every time we visit there it always brings back beautiful memories for us as this was where we celebrated our honeymoon and often go for lunch and a walk along our beach just to soak up the love all over again! 

  How precious it is to go back in time remembering the good old days when we were young and fearless. I had forgotten some of those adventurous almost crazy things we use to do, like towing a surfboard behind boats while we tried to surf the waves at outrageous speeds. How we would drive some three hours to the snow fields at 2 am in the morning because they hard the best pies, even though it was winter and minus 5 degrees none of which seem to matter at the time!
We have been inspired listening to the stories of all the places they have visited on their travels around Australia, it kind of makes you stop and think how short life really is and I for one want to achieve my entire bucket list. Problem is that list seems to get longer!

  How about you! I would love to know if travelling is on your list.

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Mama of 2 boys said...

Sounds like some lovely days have been shared this week Wendy. Very special to catch up with friends you haven't seen in so long. With some friends, time doesn't change anything... that is always so nice and reassuring. Hubby and I haven't done alot of travelling, though we've seen quite a bit of QLD together. My dream is to one day travel around Australia, because there are just so many beautiful places to see. And of course, we're keen to see a bit more of the world outside Australia also. Italy, France, Canada... love the idea of all of them :o) xo

Anonymous said...

I love the friendships you have where you just pick up where you left off...sounds like you have had some wonderful days this past week reminiscing :)

It has always been our dream to do a bit of travelling once our children get older...but more close to home in the way of travelling around NZ and Australia. I would love to travel further abroad but it's not hubby cup of tea.


Catherine said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time catching up with your friends, catching up where you left just like old times with only distance separating you and I just love Noosa such a beautiful place. It's nice remembering good times but with still lots more good times to be had writing a bucket list sounds like fun. Travelling is on my list, one day I would love to travel overseas with my husband but for now exploring Australia is more possible with the girls. Have a wonderful week xo

YFF said...

As we know Wen...to see friends after that long is just magic.xxx

Eva said...

It is so great to have a special relationship as you have with your friends Wendy. Unreal that seven years apart from your friends but just after two weeks together you now have special memories that will last a life time. I so very much admire that.

Ben said...

Reading your blog Wendy congers up special memories that I have spent with my friends over many a year. We also used to drive to the snow fields, but never left the Chalete. Those egg nogs were the best.

Em said...

Oh fun memories!
And so much life left to create more!
Travelling is DEFINITELY on the list somewhere down there, when the kids are a little older and travel friendly - although I am also looking forward to some romantic travelling with the husband once the kids are old enough to leave at home, hehe. That feels like an eternity away! xx