20 September 2011

Mondays Memories

I’ve had a lovely few days we have enjoyed dinner and way too much wine with our beautiful friends still reminiscing and laughing till our bellies hurt.
Over the weekend we had our five gorgeous grandchildren stay over as the older three are now on school holidays, so I’m hoping to talk their parents into leaving them for an extra couple of days (wish me luck). Although I must say my house looks nothing like it did before they arrived, though I do love the sound of little voices around me and of course all those hugs and kisses!

It is amazing just how many you can fit into one queen size bed, in fact we found out Sunday morning you can have two adults lying completely on their sides with a half inch to spare before falling out, while two small children lie sideways across the bed on top of your legs until you no longer can feel them, and three little ones in between the two adults so there you have it seven can uncomfortably fit in our bed at once............ Just so you know the little ones slept soundly!

I Hope you all had a lovely weekend and share some of yours here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Anonymous said...

Yes my parents love having the grandchildren stay as well :)

Whenever my siblings and I are home we all still pile into our parents room in the morning and sit on their bed (there are six of us), we have done it our whole lives so it's kind of like a tradition. We will sit there chattering away for ages before we start our day.


Steph said...

Hi Wendy. We have worked out over the years that little ones always sleep soundly when they feel and think someone is each side of them.
We now put a teddy either side of my children when they are having a bad dream night. Sure does stop them running into our bed.

Jess said...

My weekend was spend at Floriade.The time spent in planting so many blubs and plants is just unreal. When you actually are walking around this designated area many tulips and other flowers just take your breath away.

Cheyne said...

Wendy, I know that the last two blogs will read exactly the same. I work with Jess and we just had a big argument at what we were going to write.
Funny and weird thing is that what we said was exactly the same thing...Nanoo Nanoo. xxxxxxx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how lovely Wendy, you are such a wonderful grandmother. I bet the littlies would like to stay an extra few days with their grandparents also. So cute that you were all squashed into the one bed xo