6 October 2011

Family Time

Last night my family had dinner together for the first times in weeks, we normally have a family dinner every Monday night as it is extremely important to me that we never take our time together for granted. The past few weeks each one of us have had something on where we have missed out on sharing dinner and catching up on what’s happening in our lives.
When my children were little every night at dinner we would go around the table and everyone would have to say what their best thing or their worst thing for the day was, this happened every night for some 20 years and even now when they come for dinner they still have to participate in this....my little bit of fun. It was a way of teaching them to communicate and share their day with us.

During dinner last night my daughter expressed that she has just started playing the same little game with her children, I love that my children have continued on so many of my values and traditions it gives me such a sense of pride, knowing what I had taught them as children has grown with them into adulthood, even a little game such as this to help her children keep the lines of commutation open between them.

Sitting around the table also had me stop and think how fast they have grown up; my beautiful daughter will turn 30 years old in 12 days. I sat there listening to her talking about her children’s events of the day watching her laugh, while a million thoughts and memories of her from birth to now raced through my mind asking myself where o where did the time go and although I love what we now share between us as adults.....I’d have her back at birth age in a blink! Although I’m so truly blessed to have both my children and grandchildren live close by and share such a close relationship with them, I can’t help sometimes thinking, how much I miss my two little children!

I hope you share some of your family times with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Anonymous said...

Wendy we are exactly the same here...we make a point to eat dinner together as often as we can though with our two oldest working now and with sports training it does make it hard some days. I have followed on from the tradition that my parents set though it did take time for my hubby to get accustomed to it as growing up they were never allowed to talk at the table so I enjoy seeing how animated he gets now sharing in the kids day :)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Wendy, if all mothers were like you (and my Mama), the world would be a far better place. This is just lovely. I do love reading about your unconditional love for your family, it's heartwarming. What a beautiful tradition and so wonderful that it continues to live on. You have done a marvelous job Wendy. Hope you get to enjoy the dinners more regularly from now on, it is so difficult to work around everyone's busy schedules at times... but it's so important to do :o) xo

YFF said...

I always have to sniff and wipe my eyes before I finish reading your blogs Wen...You have the most precious family and I am glad I have had the pleasure in spending time with them..
People who follow on a certain tradition are very special people...My families tradition is roast on Sunday with all the family..Oh... did I mention that the men cook and the gals relax with a glass of bubbly.

Eva said...

You must be the best mother and grandmother Wendy. Your family must love you very much.
Your tireless energy and keeping with family traditions is one which I admire.
Love your new tabs at the top of page. Can’t wait to see what you add in My World or Lovely things.
God Bless Wendy

Jess said...

Love reading your blog. I can’t wait to see what exciting and imaginative things you have in store with your new tabs Wendy. How exciting.

special 'k' said...

Oh! Nearly made me cry. Love 'My Family' it is so touching. Have a great day. Cheers SpecialK

Kristy said...

It is just so wonderful that your daughter is following your tradition.
My family tradition is based around Easter. No matter what, we all meet at 12.00 night mass. There were times when I absolutely hated this and thought one day I will not go. Some years later and now that I am a mother I take my children to that same mass. Traditions, gotta love them.
Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us Wendy with your new tabs. "My World" has me very intruged.

YFF said...

PS. Ooops... Sooo sorry Wen...I feel really guilty. Reading everyone else’s responses on your blog I completely forgot to say.. Wow your new tabs look absolutely awesome...I can’t wait to see what you have been working on...I can’t stand the suspense!!! Your Dream Time Photography Art is just fantastic..Love it..Love it..!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Hi Wendy
Sorry it has been a while since I have visited your blog we have been down south my grandmother has been sick, and happy to say on the road to recovery now, she will be 87 next month. I agree we should all make more time to spend with our families they are the most important people in our lives.

The beautiful art work you have made here for your family is exceptional Wendy, you are very gifted.

Kind regards Mary

ivana said...

Dear Wendy,

I'm glad to be in your world and to read about your family traditions: I have two not so grown up boys (14 and 10), but having wishes to get them back to being babies. Time goes by pretty fast... but seeing what a gorgeous persons they are becoming is a bless!

Thank you for visiting me and looking forward to our readings :))

Catherine said...

Wendy that sounds like a beautiful ritual to share. We have a similar ritual at home each night, we also talk about things we are working on like behaviour. It's been good for us to do, we've been doing it for a while now, it's a nice way to all have a turn and have everyone listen to just you. I'm glad you got a chance to catch up over dinner with your beautiful family. xo