12 October 2011

Special Gifts

I had such a lovely lunch yesterday with my friend Lisa and her daughter Millie who have just become a Mum and Grandmother for the first time. I loved cuddling up with little baby Byron and spoilt him with a teddy some new clothes and a special photo frame for when I have the opportunity to photograph him next week. He is so adorable and didn’t cry the whole three and half hours I was there. My dear friend prepared an amazing seafood and mango salad for our lunch followed by the most scrumptious chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows I could hardly move afterwards.

Before I left Lisa and Millie, they gave me a beautiful card that read..... To our special angel friend who has blessed our life with love and support over many years thank you for just being you!  And with it a lovely gift, one of my favourite perfumes “Princess by Vera Wang”, I was very touched, I’m truly grateful to share my life with such beautiful women who have endured so much in the past 12 months.

I didn’t return home until nearly 3.30pm, by the time it came for me to make some dinner for the LOML, well I simply wasn’t hungry, so I kind of cheated  a little bit and just ordered pizza for him. I felt bad after the 3 course lunch I had enjoyed. Though hubby didn’t mind as he very rarely gets to indulge in his favourite junk food, so my guilt didn’t last long!

I hope you’re enjoying your week my friends and share some here with me!

Always Love In Wendy’s World



Hello Wendy

Thank you for you kind and lovely comments. Nice to *meet* you :-D NOW I have found your visually beautiful blog too.
What a special day you shared with special friends...and such a generous gift and heartfelt words.
Is that really your house?
With the huge verando and red railings...?
You have a beautiful home too!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful day wendy and such a special gift. memories to make you smile. enjoy your day. xo.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh you're a gorgeous soul Wendy. It sounds like a beautiful lunch and wonderful company most of all. There is nothing in the world like geuine friends. Such a lovely gesture of your friend and her daughter to give you a present like that. Vera Wang perfume is delightful. You are obviously a very special part of their lives. Such a feel good post Wendy, thank you :o) xo

YFF said...

Awww...how beautiful Wen.. Very special words indeed. Little baby Byron must be a real little cutie...I bet he is just going to love that teddy.
Yummooo you know my fav food is seafood...mmmm Mango salad as well... Your were spoilt!!..and deserve to be.

Eva said...

What an adorable little boy Byron sounds, and not waking up in the three hours you were there. Wendy it’s a wonder you didn’t go in and give him a little nudge.
The pics on your post are wonderful. Love them.
Hope your cooking the LOYL something nice tonight.
God Bless Eva

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Lovely to have friends as kind as Millie and Lisa, seems they appreciate your friendship very much. It must have been wonderful to have a beautiful lunch and cuddle the newborn too.

Jess said...

Hi Wendy, I couldn’t help but laugh when you ordered the LOYL pizza because you had been out to lunch. Love it. I must remember that one.

Jade said...

What lovely gifts Wendy.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

such beautiful gifts! i love the vera wang perfume!! brilliant!
xo TJ

Kristy said...

Loving your post Wendy. All the special pictures that you have incorporated onto your wall looks fabulous.
Love the Vera Wang pic.Beautiful perfume, I can smell it from here.

Lenore said...

Your lunch certainly sounded very special Wendy. What a precious little button Byron must be. Can’t wait to see some of the photography of him.
My week has been tremendous. I have had my son home from Darwin and we have wined dined and laughed together for the whole week.

special 'k' said...

Oh Yes! Vera Wang perfume... to die for. Take out can be very beneficial sometimes, even good for us! LOL! Glad you had a wonderful day...Take Care xx