9 October 2011


I hope you had a beautiful Sunday my friends and share some here with me!
Always Love In Wendy’s World


Mama of 2 boys said...

Love your pretty post it note of happy words Wendy. Sunday is a glorious day that's for sure :o)
Hope your week ahead is as lovely xo

Kristy said...

What lovely words Wendy. You truly must love the LOYL.
My Sunday is actually a Monday. This is my day off after working a long week.

Naturally Carol said...

There is no other day quite like a Sunday..they have a feeling all of their own don't they!

YFF said...

Hey Wen..loving the new layout of your blog..looks awesome. The pics at the side look great. Love the “A little place I call home”..and little cute as a button princess..just boootiful.
You must know by now that Sunday late at night is my special day of the week..cause that’s when I get to spend some time with my bestio...and all by phone...love it...xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post Wendy and gorgeous words :)
I too love Sundays...well the whole weekend actually as it means we get to spend quality family time together.

Happy Monday Friend :)

Ben said...

Love my Sundays too Wendy. There is nothing better than not having the alarm clock go off at 6.oo in the morning.

Catherine said...

I do love Sundays, to be together, to relax and enjoy the day just flowing. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday my friend. x

Eva said...

Wendy I love how you have changed the look of your blog. All the colours seem to interlude with one another yet your text stands out and beckons you to read it. Fantastic effort. Can’t wait to see your new tabs.
God Bless Wendy Eva