9 August 2011


Giving to others I believe is an essential part of our happiness. It is beautifully achieved in these and a thousand other ways for free.
You may want to add to this list, I hope and share it!

 Allowing yourself to be fully present

Accepting people as they are
Visit a friend and enjoy the company
Forgive the person that hurt you
Encourage someone that’s feeling down
Sharing what you know
Listening with all your heart
Show compassion
Be interested in what others have to say
Offer a little helping hand
Share what you don’t need anymore
Hold out your hand and enjoy the touch
Be the smile they need to see

Always Love In Wendy’s World


YFF said...

Yep I agree...essential in every way....
I share....
Always listen to hear..not to answer...

Catherine said...

Wendy these are beautiful words of wisdom, thank you for reminding me of them they are words to live by. And thank you for your lovely words on my blog too. xo

Sue said...

Hi Wendy

What another lovely post. I feel like you I would much prefer to give then receive just as I enjoy visiting you here you’re always giving us something lovely to think about.

Blessing Sue

BeachVintage.com said...

Hi Wendy, these words ring true my friend. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and hope to see you again soon.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for finding my blog and leaving such lovely words for me.
This is a beautiful space you have here, I am now following as it's the kind of place I like to visit :o)
Gorgeous post this one, so true too!
Wonderful to meet you xo

special 'k' said...

It's a beautiful post very special words.
I share...
It's not having everything go right, it's facing whatever goes wrong.
Hope to see you over at my place soon for a laugh or two. Cheers

Clare B said...

wonderful messages that are so often easy to forget in the hub-bub of everyday life. It's good to slow down and remember again.

Deanne said...

great words of wisdom Wendy, thanks for visiting my blog