13 August 2011

Old Trunk

Every so often I enjoy opening my old wooden trunk that holds my precious memories of days gone by. Today was one of those days when I just couldn’t walk past it without getting the key and immersing myself in all that was locked inside.

The first thing I saw was my 30 year old wedding gown, pictures drawn from my children, old school photos, scrapbooks, beautiful cards and cherished handwritten letters from my grandmother parents and friends.

It was the letters this time that I spent most of the day rereading and remembering the contents of the letters and each occasion that they were describing. I couldn’t help thinking how much I miss receiving beautiful handwritten letters in the mail and how I missed writing them too.

I remember sending letters with a pressed flower inside or a little spray of perfume, with those special coded messages written on the back of the envelope such as S.W.A.L.K. (sealed with a loving kiss) or H.O.L.L.A.N.D    (hope our love lasts and never dies)

Although I accept how we have evolved technologically with the ease in which we can communicate now through instant messaging via mobile phones, twitter, emails, facebook, blogging and Skype. I can’t help but wonder if we have lost some of the finesse of the writers of years gone by.

How about you do you miss receiving handwritten letter?

Always Love In Wendy’s World


YFF said...

Hey Wen.. Yepadoo I sure miss handwritten letters some of the time...I also have a little wooden trunk that I open every so often..
There is a warm comfort feeling that you get when you touch writing that has been handwritten from someone you love..even if it has been written on a coaster!!!
PS..I will be checking my letterbox in the next few days.....Love you...”In Wendy’s World”..heaps..

Eva said...

Once again Wendy you have given me something to think about.
Yes I do like receiving handwritten letters but I will have to start first to receive one.
Thank you for giving me inspiration and God Bless.

Amanda said...

My Aunty would always say to me, “the palest ink is better than the best memory”.
Nowadays I find the only handwriting I get is on cards when people send them, which is Christmas and birthdays.
Thank you for 'Love in Wendy’s World'. Now I know what my Aunty meant.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Letters are a treasure and I have kept many too, however if it's a choice between an email or not hearing from someone, I'll choose the email.

My three eldest daughters, all teenagers now, each have special (female) friends they write lovely letters to, decorating the envelopes too. There is great excitement when a reply letter arrives in the letter box!

Catherine said...

I really enjoy sitting down and looking through old photos, the girls pictures they drew when they were little like you I can spend hours getting lost in the memories. Handwritten letters were always nice to get, and I remember having lots of stationery to write on too. It is a little bit sad that we don't write to each other like that now.:)

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a beautiful post Wendy and it sounds like a wonderful day of tripping down memory lane. I also enjoy doing this on occasions. It's always so lovely to remember years gone by, with a card or note or letter. When my hubby and I first started going out, 10 years ago, he used to email some beautiful love 'letters'... and I am so sentimental, I printed them all off, just so I could keep them with all of my other cards and letters from the past.
I do miss the handwritten form of communication. I try to keep it going in some capacity, through sending invites and thank you notes through the post, instead of facebooking everything.

Em said...

I SO miss receiving handwritten letters! It's so nice to get something other than bills in the mail!
I also have an old suitcase full of memories... so special!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your beautiful encouraging words! So lovely to 'meet' you!