8 August 2011

The Right To Speak

As a Mother and Grandmother I love to talk about my precious ones on any subject their strengths, special talents how beautiful they truly are, the funny stories they tell you with such expression or those other acts they perform in front of everyone and you’d wish the ground would open and swallowed you up.

While at a BBQ gathering yesterday I had much delight in sharing a funny story about number 3 grandchild who is a very special little boy....with a very funny personality. I repeated the events of his first day at prep when the teacher told the class that they needed to pack up their toys to get ready for home time......with excitement he asked her what his pocket money would be at the end of the week....... (You see he likes to negotiate this at home each week) she replied you don’t get paid little man this is school you come here to learn.

Number 3 grandchild had obviously thought about this during the night. The next day when his mother went to wake him for school.........he said, I’m not going back, his mother asked why did something happen? Which he said....and I quote.......You Bet Ya ......she said what, he replied........ They don’t pay you there to pick up toys and put things away, so I won’t learn much, I’m going to stay home with you mummy I learn so much more and you pay me LOL!!!!

I had most people laughing except for one couple who replied........out of the blue, this isn’t going to be one of those parties were we all stand around telling stories about our kids and grand kids is it?.......well you could have cut the air with a knife. You see, although they are new friends to our crowd and seem lovely, out of the twelve couples that were present they are the only ones that don’t have any grandchildren they do have two grown sons that are both in the federal police. I should point out here that we had already discussed the economy, interest rates, football, travelling and cars.

O dear, I thought since I was the one telling the story I should be the one to answer.........I very politely said I’m sorry it must be hard not to have grandchildren to enjoy in your life, where us grannies here love to exchange stories of our time with our little ones.

To my surprise they replied they couldn’t think of anything more boring........ok so I was gob smacked....speechless and was a little quiet for the rest of the night!!

Today I found myself thinking....Is it just me or do others think the same?

I believe it’s a natural occurring emotion between women to feel the pure joy of watching your children grow and develop and share these special milestones with everyone or anyone that can appreciate the endless love you feel for them. Even if this means detailing every small step they have taken throughout their life and repeating it several times. I believe it’s our god given right to do this until we are to old to speak and no longer have any memory.

What do you think? I hope you will share your thoughts......On the night I was silenced in Wendy’s world!!

Always Love In Wendy’s World


Anonymous said...

Oh bless him, that is certainly a funny little tale and one I am sure will be told time and time again as he grows :)
I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing stories of our children, as you say it's only human, it's up to the individual whether they choose to be a part of the conversation or not and it sounds like you talk about an extensive range of topics...no harm done :)


special 'k' said...

That is so beautifully innocent. What a lovely world you have here. So glad to visit. Hope to see you over my place real soon.

YFF said...

I feel exactly the same as you Wen..Just love my grandchildren....If I had known how awesome it would be to have grandchildren..I’d have had them first...HA
What a priceless little story re: your number three grandchild..Just love it....Wish I had been there at that BBQ....My reply would have been...’Yes I am going to stand around telling stories about my grand children all day...but you can sit if you like’...
Love reading your Blog ...Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation...